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May 9th

May 9th

Daily Flight Information:

Departed: Nazan, Atka Island, Alaska
Arrived: Chicagoff, Attu Island, Alaska
Miles Flown: 555
Flight Time: 7 hrs. 52 mins.
(9:09 a.m. to 5:01 p.m.)

Total Miles Flown:3,245
Total Flight Time:46 hrs. 33 min.

World Flight Arrives at Attu Island

"Seattle" Search Update 

The primary search focus has shifted to overland teams tracing the likely flight route from Chignik west towards Black Lake on the Alaska Peninsula and north towards the Bering Sea.

The "Seattle" with pilot, Major F. L. Martin, and mechanic, Staff Sergeant A. L. Harvey, has been missing since midday 30 April.

Daily Report

by Lt. L.P. Arnold "Chicago" Mechanic

Up at 5, weather reports good, and by 8 o'clock everyone was aboard the planes ready to start. At nine, the start was made across wind -- #4 got off first, struck a woolie & was blown back onto the water again -- Nelson's skillful piloting was all that prevented a crack up. Smith made it OK & others changed direction taking off into the wind & made it all right. At 9:15 the flight swung off on the course on a long cold trip. Two water jumps of 75 miles were made, each of an hours duration, which was good practice for the hop from here to the Kurile's. The trip was made in good weather except for a few ever present squalls, the islands we passed were bare and uninhabited -- the only life we saw being birds and whales. Quite a few of the latter being seen.

Just before 5 o'clock, we rounded the point & in Chicagoff Harbor saw the Eider laying at anchor awaiting us & a few minutes later all had landed. Capt. Beck soon had us aboard, and eating a warm dinner which was most welcome, and after the usual comparing of notes about the flight, everyone turned in early for a much needed sleep.

We found a letter here from Col. Broom, advance man for the English flight, in which he wished us luck, etc. -- thoughtful & good sportsmanship

Daily Report

by Lt. L. H. Smith Commanding

This morning, Major Blair's weather reports were satisfactory and the start was made at 9:09 for Attu. Shortly after the "New Orleans" left the water, while making a turn, it encountered a very strong down current of air which blew it back onto the water while traveling with a strong wind. Skillful piloting was the only thing that saved the plane from serious damage. The flight passed over the narrow portage, running northwest from Nazan Bay; passed the southern edge of Great Sitkian Island; skirted along the northern edge of the next few islands; touched the southern edge of Semisopochnoi Island; passed the northern edge of Kiska Island and Buldir Island, over out first long water jump to Chicagoff Harbor on the Island of Attu. No especially bad weather was encountered during this flight, with the exception of a few snow squalls which by this time were becoming the usual hazard of each flight. At Attu, we again found excellent arrangements made by the Eider and no difficulty was encountered with our moorings. The entire personnel was well cared for on board the Eider by Captain Beck.