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September 10th

September 10th

Daily Flight Information:

The World Flight will remain in Washington D.C. through Sept. 12th in order to participate in the Defense Day Celebration.

"New Orleans" Fixed & Flown to Washington

Daily Report

by Lt. L. P. Arnold, "Chicago", Mechanic

 Everyone scattered today, some calling on the President & Secretary of War, some at the fields, some with Plane 4 ["New Orleans"] some at Chiefs Office, etc.

In the evening all attended dinner at General Mitchell's, later going to a dance at the Chevy Chase Club.

The flight has received some wonderful congratulatory wires from King Edward, Prince of Wales, & many other notables. We are all just realizing the interest here in the States taken in the flight & it is so great as to be almost bewildering.

Plane 4 arrived at Bolling Field late in the afternoon after having a new motor put in -- fast work.

It was decided today that the flight would remain in Washington to participate in the Defense Day celebration on the 12th.

Daily Report

by Lt. L. H. Smith, Commanding

Today the personnel were received by the President and the Secretary of War and a consultation was held with the Chief of Air Service [General Mason Patrick] where he decided that the flight would remain over until September 12th for the purpose of participating in the Defense Day Parade. Late in the evening, the "New Orleans" was flown to Bolling Field, a new motor having been installed.

Daily Report

by Lt. E. H. Nelson "New Orleans" Pilot

During flight from Aberdeen [Maryland] to Washington, DC, the engine in Plane 4 failed, forcing plane down near Baltimore. The trouble could not be determined by casual inspection, except that the timing was out. The engine was removed and replaced by one furnished by Bolling Field. Excellent facilities for changing engine, with help, were sent out from Bolling Field.